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How long does it take to get people served?
This will all depend on the time our server attempts and also if the person to be served is cooperating or avoiding service.

Frequently asked questions:

What is service of Process?
Service of process is made by personally delivering legal documents to a person or business requested by the attorney/Individual/business. It is United States legal procedure that requires each party in a case be notified if actions are taken against them in a court of law. Process Serving is also known as Due Process. A person will be notified of any actions or court issues involving them personally or as a witness in a case with legal documents such as summons, complaints, subpoenas, order to show cause, and writs.

The laws vary from state to state when it comes to Service of Process. You should visit your local clerk of courts office for more information on you specific state.

What does a process server do?
A process server will deliver/serve documents to the defendant or individual listed on the legal document being served. Once service has been made, an Affidavit of Service (Proof of Service), is notarized and given to the party who requested the service.

Here at ODY's Professional Process we also file the original with the clerk of courts per your request.

When would I need a Process Server?
You will need a process server when you have a legal action involving the court against an individual or business. The process server will hand deliver these documents and explain the contents of the documents to the person involved in the case. This is a required procedure in Florida!

Can Papers be faxed or emailed? 
Yes. Of course, we prefer documents sent to us via email or fax. It gets us the documents out for service sooner than later. 

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How much does it cost to get my papers served?

Fees range depending on a lot of factors.

 - Where are the documents being served?
 - How soon do you need this served by?
 - Is personal service required?

 - Can you email us the documents? if so, then how many pages is it?

Call us for a specific price quote!


What is Service of Process?

When would I need a Process Server?

What does a Process Server do?

How much does it cost to get my papers served?

Can papers be faxed or email?

How long does it take to get paper served?

Where are the rules of service of process in Florida?

What if the person can not be found?

What if the person does not accept the papers?

Who prepares the Affidavit of Service?

What is an Affidavit/Proof of Service?